The Toaster Oven

One of the handiest appliances in my kitchen is my Toaster Oven. Since I live alone I rarely cook a full course meal for myself. Although some of the dishes that I prepare in the toaster oven might equal a full meal. About once or twice a week I make casseroles that I bake in the toaster oven, and as you know, you can put everything but the kitchen sink in a casserole, to make it tasty, delicious, and healthy. But what I do on  most days, is make things like open face sandwiches, or if I am really in a rush, I will pop in a frozen entrée, such as a pot pie, which only takes minutes to cook. The toaster oven heats faster than the bigger kitchen oven, making it faster and more economical to use. I think I would starve if it were not for my Toaster Oven. Sometimes on the weekends when I have guests I use the Toaster Oven to bake pies, if I am using the kitchen oven for something else like a roast. And there are times when I will make a roast in the toaster oven if I am using the kitchen oven for other baking.



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I also use the toaster oven in the mornings for making toast, for toasting my frozen waffles. And I can heat the syrup also at the same time by setting a smaller container of maple syrup on the rack.
Because I am on the go with my job, I can really appreciate the toaster oven because it allows me hot food in minutes, otherwise, I might have to head out the door without eating at all. My toaster oven has the rotisserie attachment also, which I use a lot on the week ends to fix smaller cuts of meat for myself.

The Convenience Of A Toaster Oven

There are times that without my Toaster Oven, I might go hungry. I am a working person who is always on the go. There are days when I leave the house very early and do not get home until late at night.  When I get up in the mornings I rarely have time to cook a full breakfast, so I use my toaster oven to cook up a quick breakfast of toast, sometimes it I only fix plain toasted bread and add the butter and jelly or jam to it. Other times I fix a frozen breakfast entrée. I usually eat lunch out someplace as my job takes me around town. Often I eat with a client. Then I am so busy in the afternoons that I often forget to eat while I am out, and I get home too late to really think about cooking a meal. But, what is great about the toaster oven is that I can pop in a frozen dinner entrée and fix a salad while the entrée is baking and then set down to a relatively good meal.

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Some weekends I make up casseroles to have ready to bake when I get home at night. But one of the best things to do with the Toaster Oven is bake or toast open face sandwiches that are tasty and nutritious. There are endless ways to make an open face sandwich, as you can add cheese veggies or any combination of foods that you like. The toaster oven heats in minutes and saves on time and energy. I like the way my toaster oven looks sitting on my counter, because the sleek look of the stainless steel matches the rest of my kitchen. It gives the kitchen a finished look.

Shopping For A Toaster Oven

We have owned our old Toaster Oven for about four years or so and with the  heavy use it has incurred during that time, we feel that it is time to replace it. I have been looking online at all the different options that are available. There are four of us in the family including two teenagers and we all give the toaster oven a work out. We use it before school and work and after school and work. On the weekends it really gets a workout.
The toaster oven is great to use at a moments notice, because it heats up so quick, and it is also economical to use. We can make regular toast or bake pies, casseroles, cook a roast beef. We use it for everything. I also use my regular kitchen oven at times, and often I have both ovens at work, especially if we are having guests. The holidays are also a busy time for using the toaster oven. I can be baking cookies in both ovens or using one oven to bake cookies while I cook something in the other. The toaster oven is great to have when you are using the oven for roasting a turkey, and you need an oven to make other things. Even if you have two regular ovens there are times when the toaster oven comes in very handy.

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For everyday use the toaster oven is faster and more economical, for cooking those quick little snacks that you like to fix in a hurry.
So, I am looking for a new toaster oven that has all of the features our current ones has, and maybe we can have even more features with the latest models of toaster oven. I know that some of the new ones even have a rotisserie included, which my family would love to have. Especially in the winter time when we can’t use the outdoor grill and rotisserie because of the weather.  We love meat cooked on the rotisserie and always miss it in the winter. We would also like the new toaster oven to include the ability to make regular toast, which I know that some of the later models will do.
So we have decided to buy a larger size toaster oven that has the ability to bake with regular heat and will also have the option to cook with convection. The convection oven includes a fan that blows through the oven for more even heating. It will have the rotisserie attachments and we will also have the slice toaster built into the top of the toaster oven. So that should complete the wish list for our new toaster oven. I look forward to using it and trying out new recipes out on the family.

Teenagers Love The Toaster Oven

My family has owned a Toaster Oven for two years, and we wouldn’t know what to do without it. The whole family uses it, and sometimes I cook full meals using the toaster oven, by baking casseroles and other one dish meals such as roast surrounded by vegetables. The toaster oven heats up so fast and is so efficient that you can use it for almost anything that you would use a regular oven for, and it saves you time and money on energy use.toaster oven1 300x300 Teenagers Love The Toaster OvenThe teenagers in the house use the toaster oven every day. When they come home from school in the afternoons, they head straight for the kitchen, because as you know teenagers are always hungry.  They like to concoct their own snack recipes, which usually involves open face sandwiches with lots of cheese. They even create their own pizza recipes. I keep frozen pizza dough rounds in the freezer, so they can put these rounds on a pan and pile them up with their favorite ingredients. Then they just pop them into the toaster oven, and in minutes they have a hot delicious after school snack, that holds them over until dinner time. The kids also use the toaster oven on the weekends, when they have friends over. They all have fun creating their own favorite things to eat.  The secret to making sure that they eat healthy is to keep healthy things in the kitchen.
The Toaster Oven is also great for baking, we often use it for baking cookies and pies.

Cooking With A Toaster Oven

I think it would be great if everyone had a toaster oven. I think there are a lot of people who do not realize the benefit of having this handy little oven.

We have had our Toaster Oven for about two years, and the whole family enjoys using it. My husband and two teenage kids, like the convenience of fixing themselves something to eat when I am away from the house. It is great to make open face sandwiches, or any toasty kind of sandwich, that the kids like, so when they get home from school they often fix a healthy pre-dinner snack. I sometimes have a casserole prepared ahead, and when my husband gets home, he can pop it into the Toaster Oven to cook. I get home about an hour after he does, so by the time that I get home the casserole is on its way to being done, then it is a matter of adding a salad and dinner is done. We can also bake pies in this little oven, so at times when I get home and the casserole is done, I can pop in a frozen fruit pie and then we can have a hot dessert after dinner.

toaster oven.s600x600 300x210 Cooking With A Toaster Oven

The Toaster Oven is efficient in time and energy, because it does not take long to heat up. If you have room on your kitchen counter for the oven, it makes it very convenient to use, no bending over. Other wise something like a microwave cart will work and is worth buying, in order to have a place for the toaster oven.

The food make take a few minutes longer than the microwave, but that short wait is worth it. The microwave has its place in the kitchen, but you don’t get that good toasty, crisp goodness from a microwave. On the weekends I sometimes cook a roast in my toaster oven, and there are endless recipes for fixing almost anything in the Toaster Oven.



You Will Love Your Toaster Oven

You will love the convenience and economy of your toaster oven. When you go shopping for a toaster oven you will find many options. You can buy a toaster oven most of the options in one unit. It will be able to toast, bake, brown, and allow you to cook with convection or roast your meat with the rotisserie attachment.
You will have a full arsenal of cooking options right on your counter top. And not only that, you will save energy. The toaster oven will reach the desired temperature in a much shorter time than the full oven does which not only saves on energy costs, it will save you time. These ovens are available in different power levels. You will want to research the wattage level to see which would work best for you.
You will be able to walk into the kitchen when you get home from work, put a casserole together and have it baked in less than an hour. Add your favorite salad, a roll and you will have a meal. While you are eating your meal you can have your dessert baking. The frozen pies from the freezer section at your grocery store are delicious when baked in a toaster oven. You can slice some cookie dough and have cookies in minutes. Life just shouldn’t be this easy, but a toaster oven makes it so.
It is the middle of the afternoon and you’re feeling like a snack, you can slip some French fries in your toaster oven, and you will have crispy French fries in no time. The kids will love this toaster oven too, and they may decide to do some cooking on their own! You will be able make toasty sandwiches, or bake pizza and that’s just the beginning.
Oh! Just think about the pies, the cakes, the cookies and the cupcakes that you can make in your toaster oven. You will love it.
Another great thing about the toaster oven, besides the great cooking, is the easy cleaning options. Some toaster ovens have non- stick finishes and slide out trays that can be washed in the dishwasher. Some ovens also have the self cleaning option.
Try this baked dessert in your new toaster oven and you will never go back to cooking in a full size oven. You will find many recipes that are especially written for the toaster oven.
Apple Crisp
• 2 medium sized apples
• 1 heaping tablespoon flour
• 1 heaping tbsp. brown sugar
• 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
• a pinch of salt
• 2 to 4 tablespoons water
• 1 tablespoon butter or margarine, cut into tiny pieces
Slice the apples and place the slices right on the toaster oven tray. Blend the next four ingredients (flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, and salt) and sprinkle over the slices. Take the water and dab it all over the apples Take the butter and add a piece here and there, spacing it out to cover uniformly. Bake for 30 minutes at 375 degrees.

Toaster Ovens Are The Best Thing In The Kitchen

I rarely cook a meal without using my toaster oven. No longer do I have do set the dials for a full size oven and wait, and wait for it to heat. The convenience and economy of using a toaster oven is impressive.
The toaster oven is wonderful for people on the go. You can pop in a sandwich or a frozen entrée and be eating in minutes. It is not as fast as a microwave oven but the results are so much better. You cannot get the crispiness from a microwave that you can get in the toaster oven.
I love to make casseroles as main dishes and the toaster oven is perfect for cooking them. So that when I come home from work at night I can prepare a casserole, add a salad and have a full meal, in less than an hour.
I love to bake desserts and that is also possible with the toaster oven. I can mix up a batch of brownies and have them ready to eat when I finish my casserole and salad. You can bake pies, cakes or cookies in your toaster oven
There are some differences in toaster ovens. Some are made with slots on the top to use as a traditional toaster. Or you can toast inside the baking compartment. Just select toast and set it dark or light whichever is your preference.
Toaster ovens will vary slightly in size, and some have a higher wattage, the higher the watt the faster it cooks, but it uses slightly more energy with the higher wattage. You can purchase toaster oven with 1200 watts up to 1800 watts.
The toaster oven will be the most convenient item on your counter and it is also possible to buy an under cabinet model which leaves your counter top free for other things.
This is one of my favorite recipes
Southwest Beef Casserole
1/2 lb. lean ground beef
2 Tbsp. canola oil
1 med. onion, chopped
1 C. chopped tomatoes or
1 (8 oz.) can tomato sauce
1/3 C. chile sauce
Salt, to taste
Freshly ground pepper, to taste
12 corn tortillas, cut into quarters.
1/2 C. red taco sauce
3 C. shredded Monterey Jack cheese
1 C. sour cream
2 (10 oz.) pkg. frozen chopped
spinach, thawed and well drained
Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. In a large pan brown the beef. Pour off any fat and remove beef; set aside.
Add oil to skillet and sauté the onion until limp and golden. Return beef to pan then add tomatoes, chili sauce, salt and pepper. Dip tortilla quarters into taco sauce, covering both sides. Cover bottom of a buttered 3-qt. casserole with half the tortilla pieces, slightly overlapping. Spread beef mixture over tortillas. Sprinkle beef with 1 1/2 C. of the cheese. Layer remaining tortilla pieces on top and spread with sour cream. Sprinkle on the spinach and top with remaining cheese. Bake, covered, for 30 min., uncovering for the last 15 min.

My Toaster Oven Is So Hot

I love my toaster oven. I think it’s the hottest thing around. It simplifies my life by making it possible to prepare a meal in less than hour. The toaster oven sits on my counter top in a very convenient location, and at the touch of a button heats to the desired temperature in minutes.
The toaster oven is very economical to use, because of its size the heating time is faster than the full oven, resulting in energy savings. And this short heating time saves me time, as I can start cooking the food sooner.
Toaster ovens are made with various options. The wattage level ranges from around 1200 watts to 1800 watts. The higher the wattage number the faster the toaster oven will heat, and may result in higher energy use. The 1200 watt toaster oven is sufficient to cook most foods.
Another option is the convection oven that includes a fan which circulates the heated air around your food for more even heating, this works well for certain foods but is not necessary to cook well. You may purchase toaster ovens that include the option to cook either way.
Some toaster ovens may include the rotisserie attachments. This is good for roasting meat such as a whole chicken.
You may purchase a toaster oven that includes slots on the top to be used as a traditional toaster. But the typical toaster oven is made with two heating elements, top and bottom. With the controls you can determine how they heat to make toast or cook various foods. You can even set the toast dial to your favorite shade. You can even set the toast dial to your favorite shade.
With your toaster oven you will be able to bake meat, casseroles and desserts such as cakes and pies.
Baked chicken is a healthy way to enjoy chicken without all the excess fat that results from frying. The toaster oven allows you to prepare a delicious and healthy meal, and saves you time and money.
Baked Chicken
• 1 family pack skinless chicken without bones
• Wheat germ
• Garlic salt
• Chives
• Non-stick cooking spray
Turn on your toaster oven to 350º Fahrenheit so it will be ready to bake after you have the chicken prepared. Run chicken under cold water to remove anything left by packaging. Pat dry completely and put onto the toaster oven tray. Spray with the cooking spray and roll the pieces of chicken in the wheat germ until evenly coated. Sprinkle next with garlic and chives evenly. Give another squirt of Pam just to coat the chicken a tad. Now toss into the toaster oven and bake until you can stick a fork into it and juices run clear. Usually about 35-40 min. Toss a salad to have with it and enjoy. You now have a meal for four people
Enjoy your toaster oven and your baked chicken!

The Toaster Oven Is My Best Friend

When the kids hit the door after school and you hear,” Hi Mom I’m home. What’s to eat? Do you have an answer? If you have a toaster oven, the answer will be “yes, in a few minutes”.
You can take frozen snacks out of the freezer and pop them into your toaster oven and feed those hungry kids in minutes. The kids can also make simple snacks in the oven.
But toaster ovens are not only for snacks, they can cook almost anything a full size oven can, saving you time and also energy. They save energy because the baking compartment is smaller and it takes less time to heat to the desired temperature.
I count the toaster oven as my friend because it is so helpful in the kitchen. I especially appreciate it on the busiest days when I have been on the run all day and do not want to come home and spend a lot of time in the kitchen.
With a toaster oven you can bake a pizza, a toasty open faced sandwich, or any of the single frozen entrees purchased from the freezer section in the grocery store. Just think how fast you could have crispy French fries.
You can make something as simple as a traditional slice of toast, or almost any baked dessert. Just think you can pop an apple pie in the oven to bake and not have to heat up the whole kitchen, which is what usually happens with a full sized oven. Especially in the summertime.
Having the toaster oven allows me to spend more time with my family and friends, to read, shop, or do whatever I enjoy doing.
I do not ever want to own a kitchen that does not include a toaster oven. You can purchase toaster ovens that sit on the counter top or that can be installed under the cabinet.
The following recipe is a quick little sandwich to make for the kids after school and that you will also enjoy.
Toasty cheese Melt
4 slices bread of your choice
2 tspn minced garlic
1 cup lettuce or spinach leaves
4 slices of cheese, cheddar or mozzarella
Hot sauce

Place slices of bread on toaster oven tray and rub lightly with the minced garlic, dividing evenly between all the pieces. Place turkey on top, placing pieces evenly to edges of bread.

Top the turkey with several spinach leaves. Sprinkle with hot sauce if desired, otherwise place slice of mozzarella cheese on top of spinach and turkey.

Set toaster oven to broil and place melts inside. Set timer for 8 minutes. When time is up, cheese should be golden brown. Serve with salad, and or soup.

Oatmeal Cookies baked in the Toaster Oven

The toaster oven of today is an appliance that fits our style of living. It allows us to cook quick meals or snacks but also will cook traditional dishes as we always have in the full oven.
Here is a recipe that is a favorite in our family and I was so delighted to find that I could bake them in my toaster oven and not have to heat up the big oven.
Oatmeal Cookies.
¾ cups shortening
1 cup brown sugar
½ granulated sugar
1 egg
¼ cup water
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup flour
1 teaspoon salt optional
1 tsp cinnamon and cloves
1 cup raisins
Cup chopped nuts
3 cups quick-cooking oats
Heat oven to 350 degrees. Mix thoroughly shortening, sugars, egg, water and vanilla. Stir in remaining ingredients
Drop by rounded tsp one inch apart onto greased baking sheet. Bake 12 to 15 minutes or until no imprint remains when touched by finger. Immediately remove from baking sheet. Store in tightly covered container.

Muffin Recipe For The Toaster Oven

I am so pleased to share this recipe with you. My family loves muffins and with the convenience of the toaster oven it is so simple to have muffins in a jiffy. My kids like to make these on the weekends and I like for them to make them also. It really helps me out. The toaster oven is a wonderful appliance to have in the kitchen and so economical to use. It heats in a short amount of time which saves on energy costs. Now let’s make these muffins.

Best Toaster Oven Muffins

Heat oven to 400 degrees

1 ¾ cups sifted flour
2 tablespoons sugar
2 ½ teaspoons baking powder
¾ teaspoon salt
1 well beaten egg
¾ cup milk
1/3 cup salad oil or melted shortening

Sift dry ingredients into the mixing bowl; make a well in the center of the dry mix, then combine the egg, milk and salad oil together and add all at once to the dry mixture. Stir quickly just until the dry ingredients are moistened. The fill greased muffin pan or paper muffin cups 2/3 full and bake at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes. This recipe makes about 12 muffins. Depending your toaster oven you may want to adjust the temperature or the cooking time. Enjoy your muffins.

Hot Sub Sandwiches In the Toaster Oven

These can be assembled ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator wrapped in foil until ready to heat in your toaster oven. Great for the kids to fix for themselves when they get home from school.

Hot Sub sandwiches

8 hard rolls
Soft butter or margarine
8 slices salami or boiled ham
8 slices mozzarella cheese
8 slices cooked turkey or chicken
1 package (4 ounces) blue cheese, crumbled

Heat oven to 425 degrees. Then cut rolls horizontally into thirds. Spread all cut surfaces with butter. Place salami slice on bottom section of each roll and top with cheese slice. Add the second section of roll and top with the turkey slice and blue cheese. Top with third section of roll. Wrap each sandwich in aluminum foil and bake on toaster oven rack at 425 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes.