Taking Care of Your Toaster Oven Properly

Regardless of how sophisticated your gadget is, if you’re too careless in using it, they probably won’t last very long. But with proper use and care, you can keep it around for a longer period of time. A toaster oven like any other machines needs to be taken care of so that it can keep its functions and more importantly last longer. Here’s a list of simple yet preventive maintenance guide that will help you save heaps of money in the long run.

It’s always recommended to unplug the toaster and let it cool down first before doing any maintenance or cleaning. Cleaning the oven while it’s still plugged can put you and your family in serious danger. To start the cleaning process, remove crumbs first by pulling out the crumb tray slowly in a way that the crumbs don’t spill. The tray catches bits and pieces of foods you toast which is why it needs to be cleaned out. It’s crucial to make sure you get rid of any burnt food that’s left and charred during the baking process. The worst thing that can happen when there’s a food build-up is it can get caught on fire once the oven is heated up.

After dumping the crumbs, wash the crumb tray using a mild soap or cleaning detergent. If the impurity is quite stubborn, soak the tray in the water. Doing so will soften the dirt making the cleansing a lot easier. Wiping the tray down using water with vinegar solution is an effective way to remove the dirt. Make sure that the tray is completely dry before putting it back to the oven.

Now, pick your toaster and give it a mild shake. This will shake loose any crumbs that are stuck inside. Hold it over the sink or trashcan so the crumbs fall directly into the bin without making a mess. For the interior of the toaster, use warm water. Remember that it’s not only the
inside part of the toaster oven that needs cleansing. Using a clean soft cloth or lint-free fabric, wipe down the exterior surfaces of the toaster.

Most modern toasters have a self-cleaning function that allows the oven to get rid of germs and other impurities through extreme heat. This saves time and effort since you don’t have to manually clean the oven. However if this feature is used regularly, you risk the unit permanent damage because of the extreme heat it uses. Additionally, not all crumbs that are left
inside the oven get removed. That is why it’s still important to perform a manual cleaning from time to time.

If you decide to use the self-cleaning option, make sure to take the necessary precautions so you can avoid accidents. Starting the self-cleaning feature on your toaster oven without removing the racks will result to discoloration and roughness of the racks because excessive heat is used during the process. Remove the racks and spray them with cleansing solution. Rinse them well preferably with a water hose to effectively wipe the grime away.

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